Steroid-induced Osteoporosis

Ewa Sewerynek; Michal Stuss


Aging Health. 2012;8(5):471-477. 

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Conclusion & Future Perspective

Osteoporosis, associated with chronic steroid therapy, appears to be an important medical problem. In the USA, 1 million patients are annually prescribed steroid agents.[55] Data from the UK reveal 1.6 million prescriptions for glucocorticoid agents distributed within 10 years.[21] Glucocorticoids are used by 0.9% of the total population and by about 2.5% in the age group of 70–79 years.[21] Human life expectancy continues to increase, so it is very important to develop our knowledge regarding osteoporosis, which accompanies chronic steroid therapy, especially to find effective counteracting measures, not only among primary care physicians, but among patients as well.