HAMLET: Functional Properties and Therapeutic Potential

James Ho CS; Anna Rydström; Maria Trulsson; Johannes Bålfors; Petter Storm; Manoj Puthia; Aftab Nadeem; Catharina Svanborg


Future Oncol. 2012;8(10):1301-1313. 

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HAMLET is the first member of a new, expanding family of unfolded protein–lipid complexes that kill a broad range of cancer cells while sparing normal, differentiated cells. HAMLET thus identifies targets that are highly conserved among cancer cells and whose activation tilts the balance from exaggerated cell survival towards death. Here, aspects on the structure, cellular targets and in vivo effects of HAMLET are reviwed. The results suggest that HAMLET offers a two-tiered therapeutic approach, killing cancer cells while stimulating an innate immune response in surrounding healthy tissues. The HAMLET-induced tumor-selective death is particularly significant in view of HAMLET's already documented tumoricidal effect in patients and animal models.