The Last Medscape 2012 Election Survey

Carol Peckham


November 01, 2012

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Survey 1: The Affordable Care Act Provisions (End of May)

Anticipating the Supreme Court ruling, in the first survey of this series, Medscape members were asked whether they favored the individual mandate and Medicaid expansion. We received over 8000 responses to this survey.

The first question asked whether health professionals supported the individual mandate, which would require almost all Americans to purchase some form of health insurance by 2014 or face financial penalties. One half of the respondents supported it, 44% did not, and 7% confessed they didn't know enough about it.

They were then asked about the challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expansion of the state-administered Medicaid healthcare program by extending eligibility to millions of currently ineligible low-income individuals. When asked whether they agreed, 45% did agree, 44% didn't, and 11% didn't know enough about it.

The third question simply asked whether members had a clear idea about Mitt Romney's views on healthcare. At that time, only 31% said yes and 60% said no, with 8% expressing no thoughts.

And, in answer to the final question, which was who they would for back in May, Obama led:

Barack Obama 51%
Mitt Romney 43%
Neither 4%
Undecided 3%