Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus

Therapeutics and Challenges

Shailendra K Saxena; Rosaiah Kotikalapudi; Sneham Tiwari; Charuvaka Muvva


Future Virology. 2012;7(10):947-950. 

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Future Perspective

Influenza outbreaks are reported throughout the world due to emergence of various influenza strains as a result of reassortment, climatic changes and rapid globalization; hence, it is extremely important to have a global alert system that can estimate the future probability of pandemics by statistical analysis. Against this background, it is essential to devise the best possible practices in terms of prevention, diagnosis, patient care, treatment and use of antiviral medicines. Drugs and vaccines should be modified using sequence-based drug targeting approaches, which may prove to be more efficient. A combined approach from local populations, virologists, researchers, doctors, drug designers and policy makers is needed in order to curb the emerging and re-emerging viral infections. Knowledge has to be gathered and disseminated to the medical community, while also identifying novel areas that require research and collaboration.