Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus

Therapeutics and Challenges

Shailendra K Saxena; Rosaiah Kotikalapudi; Sneham Tiwari; Charuvaka Muvva


Future Virology. 2012;7(10):947-950. 

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Control Measures

Control measures include simple practices such as avoiding contact with infected people by staying away from crowded places and public gatherings, or avoiding infected aerosols by using hygienic masks or a simple nose cover. Since the transmission of influenza infection occurs through bioaerosols, personal hygiene is an important factor. Individuals suspected of being infected should be kept under medical supervision, and should be specifically isolated from young children and immunocompromised individuals. Travelers from pandemic or endemic regions should be examined before and after their journey, and quarantine measures are needed at airports. Some cases are reported in the prison system, so it is advisable to limit the number of prisoners kept in each cell, and to keep affected prisoners under medical supervision. Finally, awareness programs focusing on the influenza virus and its infection process should be displayed on mass media.