Probiotics for the Prevention and Treatment of Clostridium difficile in Older Patients

Jasmin Islam; Jonathan Cohen; Chakravarthi Rajkumar; Martin J. Llewelyn


Age Ageing. 2012;41(6):706-711. 

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Probiotic use in Clinical Practice

The best evidence for the clinical efficacy of probiotics exists for the prevention of necrotising enterocolitis in preterm infants.[26] In the adult setting, different probiotic preparations have been studied in inflammatory bowel disease.[27] Notably, three randomised placebo-controlled trials have shown equivalence of E. coli Nissle 1917 to mesalazine in maintaining remission of ulcerative colitis and the combination probiotic preparation VSL3 has shown benefit in pouchitis.[28]

In the past decade, a number of studies have studied the role of probiotics in AAD generally or CDI specifically. These can be divided broadly into studies looking at prevention and treatment.