Use of a Rapid HIV Home Test Prevents HIV Exposure in a High Risk Sample of Men Who Have Sex With Men

Alex Carballo-Diéguez; Timothy Frasca; Ivan Balan; Mobolaji Ibitoye; Curtis Dolezal


AIDS and Behavior. 2012;16(7):1753-1760. 

In This Article

Data Analyses

Quantitative CASI data were analyzed using SPSS[28] to calculate descriptive statistics.

In-depth interviews were recorded, transcribed, and checked for accuracy. Repeated reading of transcripts by a team of four researchers led to the identification of the main themes that constituted the basis for codebook development. Codes were defined with inclusion and exclusion criteria including examples. All transcripts were double-coded, and discrepancies discussed until reaching consensus. Codes were reviewed to identify modal responses, cases that contradicted the main trends, and quotes to be included in the text.