The Rise in Bed Bugs

Prevention, Management, and Treatment

Mallory C. McKenzie, RPh, PharmD; Edward M. DeSimone II, RPh, PhD, FAPhA


US Pharmacist. 2012;37(8):47-50. 

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Role of the Pharmacist

Due to the rapid resurgence of bed bug infestations, it is likely that pharmacists will encounter patients with questions and concerns about bed bugs. It is important for pharmacists to appropriately educate their patients about bed bugs and offer strategies for their identification, eradication, and prevention (Table 2 provides a list of resources). Patient counseling for itching due to bed bug bites includes bathing in cool or lukewarm water rather than hot water, using a humidifier, and using mild and low pH cleansers and moisturizers.[16] It is important for pharmacists to understand and recommend appropriate symptomatic treatment and counseling for cutaneous and systemic reactions to bed bug bites.