Association of Inflammatory Gene Polymorphisms With Ischemic Stroke in a Chinese Han Population

Nan Zhao; Xin Liu; Yongqin Wang; Xiaoqiu Liu; Jiana Li; Litian Yu; Liyuan Ma; Shuyu Wang; Hongye Zhang; Lisheng Liu; Jingbo Zhao; Xingyu Wang


J Neuroinflammation. 2012;9(162) 

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The current study made a survey of inflammatory gene polymorphisms in examining the risk for ischemic stroke. The results were largely concordant with previous knowledge of inflammation and vascular diseases. Our study demonstrated CCL11 rs4795895 is associated with ischemic stroke after adjusting for multiple testing. We also found five SNPs were associated with ischemic stroke in the non-hypertensive group and two SNPs were associated with ischemic stroke in the hypertensive group. These results collectively showed that inflammatory genetic variants were significantly associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke, particularly in non-hypertensive individuals. Additional studies in larger populations will be needed to confirm the relationship of inflammatory polymorphisms to stroke and its subtypes.