Lipomyelomeningocele: Pathology, Treatment, and Outcomes

A Review

Christina E. Sarris, B.S; Krystal L. Tomei, M.D., M.P.H; Peter W. Carmel, M.D; Chirag D. Gandhi, M.D.


Neurosurg Focus. 2012;33(4):e3 

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Lipomyelomeningocele is a form of closed neural tube defect with unclear predisposing factors. Due to the risk of worsening neurological and urological function secondary to a tethered spinal cord, it continues to be important to identify this condition for timely intervention. Magnetic resonance imaging and neurophysiological testing are useful tools for identifying the spinal cord pathology and assisting with surgical planning. Because bowel and bladder paresis remains the primary morbidity of this disease, early intervention either prior to symptom development, or at the first onset of symptoms, is recommended to optimize postoperative outcome.