China: Awakening Giant Developing Solutions to Population Aging

Ning Jackie Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH; Man Guo, PhD; Xiaoying Zheng, MD, PhD


Gerontologist. 2012;52(5):589-596. 

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Main Areas of Research on Aging

Longevity and antiaging research in China can be traced back to 219 BC in the Qin Dynasty, and antiaging research has never stopped throughout China's history during which traditional Chinese medicine and lifestyle changes have been major foci. Contemporary research on aging in China spans a variety of disciplines including biological, sociological, psychological, and medical research as well as economics, finance, demographics, health services, public health policy, insurance, social security, social work, epidemiology, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, health edu cation, nutrition, antiaging, longevity, architecture, environment, culture, and legal studies. With the accelerating aging of the population, aging and gerontology research has received unprecedented attention from the government, public organizations, industries, universities, and the public.