Intraocular Tuberculosis

Reema Bansal; Aman Sharma; Amod Gupta


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2012;7(4):341-349. 

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Five-year View

Intraocular TB is rare in patients with active systemic TB. It is likely that there may be some genetic factors playing a major role. Over the next 5 years, the pathogenesis of intraocular TB will be better understood. The significance of RPE in harboring the MTB in its latent stage and other host factors may become clearer. A rapid molecular diagnosis targeting multiple MTB genes would be promising. Molecular diagnosis of rifampicin resistance may become commonly available. Xpert MTB/rifampicin may not only be of relevance in detecting rifampicin resistance, but could also rule out active TB. Targeted ATT to the eye may become possible.