Giant Cell Tumor of the Larynx

Thu Le, MD; Kevin Young, MD; Bernard Chow, MD


Appl Radiol. 2012;41:29a-29d. 

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Case Summary

A 39-year-old male presented with an enlarging right neck mass he has had for the last 6 months. He reported odynophagia, voice hoarseness, and cough, but denies ear pain, hearing loss, dysphagia, or airway obstruction. Physical exam revealed a large palpable mass of the right neck. Endoscopic examination showed a bulging, nonulcerated mass in the right glottic area extending to the epiglottis. The right vocal cord was obliterated by the mass. The left vocal cord was normal in appearance and motility. The patient had no history of smoking, heavy alcohol use, or radiation exposure.