ID Docs: Money, Lifestyle, and Politics

Paul G. Auwaerter, MD; Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS


October 09, 2012

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Are You a Typical ID/HIV Specialist?

Do you ever wonder how your life as an infectious diseases (ID)/HIV specialist compares with that of your colleagues? Do they earn more than you? Do they have more spare time? Who are they planning to vote for in the presidential election?

It's a natural human inclination to wonder how we stack up against those who have chosen a similar path in life. These personal details, however, aren't easy to find. Most medical professionals don't publicly brag (or complain) about their income, or admit that they wish they had chosen a different profession. Many prefer to keep their political views private.

Fortunately, your curiosity can now be satisfied. Medscape has conducted 3 different anonymous online surveys of healthcare providers. The Table describes the surveys, along with the total number of respondents and number of ID/HIV respondents.

Table. Medscape Physician Surveys, 2012

Survey Description Total
Physician Compensation Report
(February 2012)
Income, hours, patient load,
paperwork, job satisfaction
24,216 243
Physician Lifestyle Report
(January 2012)
Happiness, physical health,
marital status, recreational pursuits,
exercise, views on life, social habits
29,025 239
Election Surveya
(May 2012)
Who would you vote for?
Political leanings, views on
healthcare/Medicare reform
8790 40

aIncludes nonphysician healthcare providers.

By breaking out and summarizing the responses of ID/HIV physicians to these surveys, we get a snapshot of what could be called "Life as an ID/HIV Physician."