The State of Endocrinology: Income, Work Hours, and More

Cyrus V. Desouza, MBBS


September 25, 2012

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Overview of US Endocrinologists

Earlier this year, Medscape surveyed more than 24,000 US physicians about their income last year, along with related issues such as job satisfaction. The 2012 Medscape Physician Compensation Report revealed important trends in the US medical profession, and separate reports focused on different medical specialties.

How are diabetologists and endocrinologists faring in terms of income and other job-related measures? I analyzed the 2012 Medscape Endocrinologist Compensation Report and found some interesting trends for our specialty.

In terms of demographics, about 58% of the responding diabetes specialists and endocrinologists were men. Age varied widely but it appears that most practicing endocrinologists were relatively young (59% were younger than 50 and few were older than 70). I predict that the retirement age will lower progressively as the healthcare environment gets more and more challenging.

Most respondents were MDs (about 95%; 5% were DOs) and most were board certified. As efforts build to link licensure to maintenance of certification, we can expect this to be the norm soon in all specialties.