Can Locum Tenens Be a High-Paying Career?

Morgan Lewis, Jr.


August 30, 2012

In This Article


Although locum tenens assignments carry financial and personal benefits, this type of practice isn't suited to all physicians. Consider these benefits and drawbacks before signing up with an agency:


  • Defined work schedule;

  • No administrative responsibility;

  • The agency manages the majority of the travel, transportation, lodging arrangements, and costs;

  • Malpractice insurance is covered;

  • Documenting billing codes is expected, but you only need a time sheet to get paid on a biweekly basis;

  • No waiting or fighting to get paid from insurance companies or patients; and

  • Travel (if you enjoy it).


  • Changing workflows, technology, and systems;

  • Separation from family;

  • Less collegial environment;

  • May need to cover personal healthcare expenses;

  • Less influence over an organization; and

  • Travel (if you don't enjoy it).


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