Antibiotic and Bronchodilator Prescribing for Acute Bronchitis in the Emergency Department

Jason C. Kroening-Roche, MD; Arash Soroudi, MD; Edward M. Castillo, PHD, MPH; Gary M. Vilke, MD, FACEP, FAAEM


J Emerg Med. 2012;43(2):221-227. 

In This Article


This study demonstrates that antibiotics are still over-prescribed in the diagnosis of acute bronchitis in the ED. Furthermore, broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed in a surprisingly large proportion of cases. Although there is ample evidence directing providers to avoid antibiotics in cases of acute bronchitis, this practice continues. Further efforts and resources are needed to reverse this disturbing trend. Additionally, our study sheds new light on prescribing practices of inhaled bronchodilators and spacers in acute bronchitis.


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