Diaphragmatic Paralysis

A Rare Consequence of Dengue Fever

Eranda C Ratnayake; Chrishan Shivanthan; Bandula C Wijesiriwardena


BMC Infect Dis. 2012;12(46) 

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Abstract and Introduction


Background Dengue is considered one of the most common mosquito borne illnesses in the world. Although its clinical course is usually uneventful, complications have rarely been known to arise. These include neurological manifestations such as neuropathies.
Case presentation We report a middle aged patient from urban Sri Lanka who developed diaphragmatic paralysis secondary to phrenic neuropathy a month after recovering from dengue fever. He was managed conservatively and made a full recovery subsequently.
Conclusion Isolated phrenic nerve palsy causing diaphragmatic paralysis should be considered a recognized complication of Dengue fever. A patient usually gains full recovery with conservative management.