Impact of a Nutritional Formula Enriched in Fish Oil and Micronutrients on Pressure Ulcers in Critical Care Patients

By Miriam Theilla, RN; Betty Schwartz, PhD; Jonathan Cohen, MBBCh, FCP; Haim Shapiro, MD; Ronit Anbar, RD; Pierre Singer, MD


Am J Crit Care. 2012;21(4):102e-109. 

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In conclusion, our results suggest that the addition of fish oil to the nutritional regimen of critically ill patients in the ICU may slow the progression of pressure ulcers, as indicated by the PUSH score. The slowing in progression was associated with a decrease in the levels of CRP, suggesting the effect was mediated by anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Studies that include assessment of tissue physiology are warranted to determine the mechanisms by which fish oil and micronutrients may facilitate wound healing.


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