Signaling Pathways Activated by the B-Cell Receptor in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Maria Teresa Scupoli; Giovanni Pizzolo


Expert Rev Hematol. 2012;5(3):341-348. 

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ERK Pathway

Besides being activated via the PLCγ2/PKC-β pathway in B cells following BCR stimulation, ERK can also be activated by RAS.[11,25] It has been recently proposed that RASGRP3, a RAS exchange factor, plays an important role in coupling the BCR to RAS activation, in a manner dependent on the PLCγ2/PKC-β pathway.[26,27] Once activated, RASGRP3 binds directly to RAF-1, the MAP3K in the ERK pathway. Activated RAF-1 activates MEK1/MEK2, which both in turn phosphorylate ERK1/ERK2. Phosphorylated ERKs form dimers, which are required for ERK nuclear translocation and the subsequent activation of transcriptional regulatory proteins, including FOS, JUN and ETS family members,[14] leading to the regulation of the genes involved in cell proliferation, survival and differentiation.


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