Signaling Pathways Activated by the B-Cell Receptor in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Maria Teresa Scupoli; Giovanni Pizzolo


Expert Rev Hematol. 2012;5(3):341-348. 

In This Article

Five-year View

In 5 years, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to B-CLL might be better individually tailored than today. Basic research will provide deeper insights into the role of microenvironment influences on pathophysiological mechanisms in B-CLL, with particular emphasis on the significance of BCR signaling. These studies will form the basis for designing new molecules that improve and complete the therapeutic choices available today. Furthermore, ongoing single-agent and combination clinical trails with PCI-32765 and CAL-101 will provide us with guidance for the optimal use of BCR - signaling inhibitors in B-CLL.


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