Results of ISMP's Survey on Drug Storage, Stability, Compatibility, and Beyond Use Dating

ISMP Medication Safety Alert 

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ISMP will be sharing the results of this study with CMS and The Joint Commission to help inform any future changes in the CMS policy that involves drug storage, stability, compatibility, and beyond use dating. It is understandable that CMS would rely on the expertise of FDA—the FDA-approved package inserts in this case—as the authorized source of information regarding US drugs. But since pharmacists can't rely on drug companies to continually test new parameters for drug storage, stability, and beyond use dating, or to quickly update the package insert to reflect new findings, they do rely on up-to-date compendia to inform best practices on these matters. We hope CMS finds the study results useful as they explore the issue of allowing pharmacists to incorporate newer evidence-based information about drug storage, stability, and beyond use dating into their practice settings.


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