Pessary Care

Follow Up and Management of Complications

Katharine O'Dell; Shanna Atnip


Urol Nurs. 2012;32(3):126-137, 145. 

In This Article

Duration of Pessary Use

Because women use pessaries for different reasons (for example, to totally avoid or defer surgery), duration of pessary use can be expected to vary. Reported use continuation rates range from 56% to 70% in up to three years of follow up (Clemons, Aguilar, Sokol, Jackson, & Myers, 2004; Komesu et al., 2007). One long-term follow-up study concluded that women are more likely to continue pessary use if they are over 65 years or have comorbidities that increase surgical risk (Clemons, Aguilar, Sokol et al., 2004). In a case series of women seeing a single provider in Australia (n = 273), 60% continued pessary use for four weeks, while 14% were continuing users over an average follow up of seven years (range: 2 to 14 years) (Sarma, Ying, & Moore, 2009). During their period of follow up, 44% of initial pessary users opted to return to no intervention, and 30% proceeded to surgery. These findings confirm that some, though not all, women can expect to experience an extended period of satisfactory pessary use.


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