A Psychodermatology Clinic

The Concept, the Format, and Our Observations From Israel

Edith Orion; Benjamin Feldman; Wolf Ronni; Ben-Avi Orit


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2012;13(2):97-101. 

In This Article

Abstract and Introduction


The connection between the brain and the skin is more than a physiologic fact. Skin conditions can impose great effects on every field in the patients' lives. Reciprocally, skin diseases can be evoked by psychological problems. A psychodermatology clinic is the format that enables dermatology patients to receive a comprehensive approach to their skin condition as well as to the difficulties it imposes on their lives, and vice versa. Although the notion that skin and mind are connected and have bilateral influences that should be addressed is now appreciated, it is surprising that such clinics are not more prevalent. In the literature there are only a few descriptions of such clinics, and even fewer descriptions of their format and their working formulations with their pluses and minuses.
In this article, we describe in detail the working formulation of a new psychodermatology clinic in Israel, as well as our therapeutic methods, data, conclusions, and observations after the first 3 years.
During a 3-year period, 124 patients were seen in our psychodermatology clinic, presenting with a vast array of dermatologic complaints. One of our major observations was that lack of proper patient-doctor communication resulted in the development of misconceptions about the disease, low compliance, and even long-lasting psychological difficulties. Another important observation was that there is a true need for such a clinic, among patients as well as among their doctors.


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