Optical Coherence Tomography in Cornea and Refractive Surgery

Volkan Hurmeric; Sonia H Yoo; Fatih Mehmet Mutlu


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2012;7(3):241-250. 

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Intraoperative OCT

Another interesting advancement is intraoperative 3D spectral domain (SD)-OCT imaging in the supine position.[82] The prototype of this technique has been used for intraoperative evaluation of the presence of interface fluid between the donor and the recipient corneas in DSAEK. Although there is limited information about the intraoperative AS-OCT, this technique can be used in various clinical conditions with limited AS visualization. Similar imaging systems have been adapted for retinal surgery to analyze epiretinal membrane relationships, macular hole configurations and retinal detachment features.[83,84]

The above-mentioned intraoperative OCT systems are separate from the operating microscope. Because of this, surgery must be halted while performing the scans. The ideal intraoperative OCT system must be integrated into the operating microscope with a head-up display. Thus, real-time OCT imaging of the operative field can be made without disruption of the surgery.[85]