Heart Failure With Normal Ejection Fraction

A Growing Pandemic

Satnam Singh; Michael Frenneaux


Future Cardiol. 2012;8(3):383-392. 

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Future Perspective

HFNEF is a multifactorial disease. Despite extensive research, clinical trials evaluating pharmacologic treatment of HFNEF have provided disappointing results. Interestingly, most of the research has been performed on HFNEF in the resting phase whilst HFNEF is an entity that presents on exercise. There is growing evidence that in HFNEF, hemodynamic disturbances become more evident and get worse with exercise. There are ongoing studies evaluating various metabolic modulators, interventions targeting myocardial fibrosis and the results are much awaited. Advances in imaging and invasive assessment will allow more accurate and earlier diagnoses, so interventions can be made at an early stage where the potential for benefit may be higher.


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