Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2

Guideline and Commentary

John G. Bartlett, MD


June 06, 2012

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HIV-2 Disease Monitoring

Recommendation: Clinicians should monitor HIV-2-infected patients by clinical evaluation and CD4 cell count. (BIII)

CD4 count is the most readily available means for monitoring disease progression in HIV-2-infected patients. However, CD4 counts often will not increase as dramatically as generally occurs with successful therapy of HIV-1 mono-infection.[11] Commercially available HIV-1 viral load assays do not detect or quantify HIV-2, and there is currently no FDA-approved commercially available viral load assay for HIV-2. Most studies reporting HIV-2 viral load levels use assays that are not widely available; however, some specialty laboratories may perform these tests under research Investigational New Drug (IND) protocols. An HIV-2 viral load assay developed by NYSDOH Wadsworth Center is currently undergoing validation for clinical use. For more information, contact the laboratory at 518-474-2163.


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