The Medscape Awards in Infectious Diseases: Bacterium


John G. Bartlett, MD


June 01, 2012

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The Medscape Awards in Infectious Diseases is a new series that will honor the greatest achievements in the field of infectious diseases during 1980-2012. John G. Bartlett, MD, Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, identified 8 key categories for these infectious disease awards. Within each category are several candidates for the honor of "greatest achievement." Readers will be asked to select the candidate that they believe is most worthy of this title, and then Dr. Bartlett will reveal his personal choice and the reasons for that choice. Obviously, the process will have an element of subjectivity, and opinions will differ. The goal is to credit great achievements, learn from those achievements, and pass these lessons down to succeeding generations.

This series will include the major discoveries or achievements since 1980 in the following categories:

1. Bacterium
2. Virus
3. Vaccine
4. Antiviral agent
5. Antibacterial agent
6. The infectious disease most likely to be the second eliminated from Earth
7. Consumer award
8. Demon award

Category: Bacterium

Candidates for the Most Important Discovery of a New Bacterium: 1980-2012