Maurie Markman, MD


May 24, 2012

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Hello. I am Dr. Maurie Markman from Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia. I want to comment on the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO®) meeting, particularly the gynecologic cancer session. The abstracts are currently available, but, of course, some will only be made available at the time of the meeting because they are late-breaking.

Several abstracts are very noteworthy. One is the long-awaited results of the randomized phase 3 trial[1] looking at erlotinib maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer. The results of this study will be presented at the meeting. A phase 3 randomized trial looking at bevacizumab in the treatment of refractory ovarian cancer with chemotherapy is also being reported.[2]

The much anticipated long-term follow-up of the Japanese GOG trial[3] looked at standard chemotherapy in ovarian cancer with carboplatin/[paclitaxel], with the paclitaxel being given every 3 weeks, vs the use of carboplatin in a standard way, with the paclitaxel given on a weekly schedule. This study was very interesting because when first presented, it showed a substantial improvement in progression-free survival in favor of a weekly regimen, as well as in 3-year overall survival. The long-term data were not available at that time, and everyone is quite interested to know what the long-term survival data will show.

This should be a very important meeting with respect to gynecologic cancer abstracts, and I encourage you to attend. if you can, both the oral and poster sessions, as well as to engage in the discussions in this area that will occur after the meeting. Thank you for your attention.


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