Effects of Inulin on the Plasma Lipid Profile of Normolipidemic and Hyperlipidemic Subjects

A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Zhuang Guo; Xiao-Ming Liu; Qiu-Xiang Zhang; Feng-Wei Tian; Hao Zhang; He-Ping Zhang; Wei Chen


Clin Lipidology. 2012;7(2):215-222. 

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Future Perspective

The species richness of the gut microbiota is estimated to be between 15,000 and 36,000 bacterial species, and the microbiome compositions observed in patients with some diseases differ from healthy subjects. Koren et al. indicated that the abundance of Erysipelotrichaceae and Lachnospiraceae families in the gut is positively correlated with total cholesterol and LDL-C levels in subjects with cardiovascular disease.[40] Prebiotics are food ingredients that stimulate the growth or activity of bacteria that live in the host's GI tract. So, in future years, with the development of new molecular methodologies, the relationship between microbial constitution and hyperlipidemia, or the possibilities of treating hyperlipidemia through changing the composition of microbes by oral prebiotics, may be further understood and verified.