British Association of Dermatologists' Guidelines for the Management of Alopecia Areata 2012

A.G. Messenger; J. McKillop; P. Farrant; A.J. McDonagh; M. Sladden


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2012;166(5):916-926. 

In This Article

10.0 Recommended Audit Points

  1. Record keeping. Records should include the age of onset, history of relapses, family history and other diseases; the severity and type of alopecia (patchy, total, universal or ophiasis) and the presence of nail changes should be recorded.

  2. Outcome of consultation. What was the outcome of the consultation – was treatment instituted and information supplied to the patient?

  3. Treatments. For specific treatments, including contact immunotherapy, PUVA and systemic steroids – what information was supplied, informed consent?


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