Nipul K. Tanna, DMD, MS


April 13, 2012

Clinical Presentation: A Pregnant Woman With Bleeding Gingiva

A 21-year-old pregnant woman presented to the dental office with swollen, erythematous gingiva that bleed spontaneously. Her gingival tissue was uncomfortable, and she had noticed bleeding upon brushing and eating.

She sought dental care after becoming pregnant but could not find a dentist within a 25-mile radius who was willing to accept her as a patient during her pregnancy.

History and Dental Examination

History. A review of the patient's medical history reveals no significant findings outside of the current pregnancy status. Routine laboratory tests conducted as part of her prenatal visits with her obstetrician were all within normal limits. She is not taking any medications other than standard prenatal vitamins recommended by her medical provider. A recent ultrasonogram dated her pregnancy at 21 weeks. Before her pregnancy, the patient had experienced only routine dental restorations.

Dental examination. Clinical examination revealed no signs or symptoms of oral cancer. All restorations were intact. Spontaneous gingival bleeding, classified as grade 4, was present.

Figure 1. Clinical appearance of the gingiva upon presentation.


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