Introducing Yesterday's Phage Therapy in Today's Medicine

Jean-Paul Pirnay; Gilbert Verbeken; Thomas Rose; Serge Jennes; Martin Zizi; Isabelle Huys; Rob Lavigne; Maia Merabishvili; Mario Vaneechoutte; Angus Buckling; Daniel De Vos


Future Virology. 2012;7(4):379-390. 

In This Article

Future Perspective

In the short term, we predict the setting up of credible studies to gather the required data with regard to the efficacy and evolutionary consequences of phage therapy. These studies could be chaperoned by health protection agencies such as the European CDC.

In the medium term, we predict the development of a specific framework, in collaboration with the EMA's ITF (or with the US FDA), with realistic production and documentation requirements that allow a timely supply of safe, tailor-made natural bacteriophages.

In the long term, we predict the radical reshaping of our (pharmaceutical) economic models to cater for more sustainable approaches. Phage therapy could be developed under the umbrella of the WHO.


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