5 Steps to Improving CPAP Adherence

Christopher J. Lettieri, MD


March 06, 2012

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Measures to Improve Sleep Quality

5. Incorporate conservative measures to improve sleep quality and reduce the effects of OSA.

As with most medical conditions, conservative therapy should always be incorporated into the treatment plan. For OSA, these measures may foster better sleep quality and CPAP efficacy. CPAP should be used during all sleep periods, and patients should be encouraged to obtain an adequate amount of sleep. Sleeping in the lateral position and elevating the head of the bed can decrease the effect of gravity on upper airway obstruction. Patients should avoid excessive use of alcohol or other sedatives. Maintaining an ideal body weight is crucial because it can improve health and sleep quality and will reduce sleepiness, CPAP pressure requirements, and the severity of OSA. All patients with a diagnosis or suspected sleep disorder must be counseled on the risks of driving while sleepy during every encounter. This should be documented in all clinic notes.


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