Does a Spoonful -- or 2 -- of Vinegar Make the Sugar Go Down?

Desiree A. Lie, MD, MSEd


February 16, 2012

The Case of the Diabetic Who Wants to Try Vinegar

Mr. Castro is a 45-year-old Latino man who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 5 years ago. His diabetes is well-controlled with an oral hypoglycemic agent; his A1c at his last visit was 6.8%. Despite this degree of control, he reports that it is very difficult to eat a consistently low-carbohydrate diet because his large family enjoys Mexican food, especially on social occasions, and it is hard for him not to participate in family meals. He has heard that taking vinegar with his meals can improve control of his blood sugar.

Questions to Consider

Is there any credibility to the claim that vinegar improves control of type 2 diabetes? If so, what dose of vinegar should the patient consider to improve postprandial glucose?


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