Wound Care Outcomes and Associated Cost Among Patients Treated in US Outpatient Wound Centers

Data From the US Wound Registry

Caroline E. Fife, MD, CWS; Marissa J. Carter, PhD, MA; David Walker, CHT; Brett Thomson, BS


Wounds. 2012;24(1) 

In This Article

Statistical Analysis

Descriptive statistics were analyzed using PASW 19. One way ANOVA was performed for cost of nonhealing wounds categorized by time in service (0–0.5 years, 0.51–1.0 years, 1.01–2 years, and 2 years) using Games-Howell for post hoc adjustment for multiple comparisons. Cost to heal by number of comorbidities was analyzed using t test with number of comorbidities categorized as 0 or 1 vs 2.

A general linear model (GLM) analysis to identify factors that affected the cost to heal was carried out in which the cost to heal was log transformed and all available factors and covariates were entered into the model with subsequent refinement, including main effects and 2-factor interactions. When comparing factors, adjustments were made for multiple comparisons using Sidak adjusted P value calculations.


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