January Cartoon Caption Winners: Money Talks


February 10, 2012

"Money can't buy everything, but then again, neither can no money," said one Catskills comedian.

Inflation is no laughing matter, but the sorry state of the dollar obviously struck a chord, because we had an all-time high number of entries in the January Cartoon Caption Contest. Thanks to all who submitted captions!

First Prize: $75 American Express® gift card:

"I'm referring you to an economist."

Second Prize: $50 American Express® gift card:

"You're in luck! We do currency change operations here."

Third Prize: $25 American Express® gift card:

"I'm quite concerned about your osteoporosis. Every time you've come in, you've shrunk significantly."

And Honorable Mention to:

"I'm sorry, no more second opinions. I'm afraid the buck stops here!"

"Nurse, please bring me George Washington's chart."

"Congratulations on your weight loss, but I miss when you were a lot bigger. Thanks, Medicare!"

"I understand that some physicians only see dollar signs."

"You're not making any cents!"

"You're my shrink; can you tell me why my family thinks I'm made of money?"

"There are trillions just like you with the same weakness. That may be the problem."

"You think you're feeling sick? My last patient was a Euro."

"Disappointed to see you? No; it's just that before things changed, I saw your brothers Jackson and Benjamin far more frequently."