Knowledge, Attitudes and Education of Pharmacists Regarding Pharmacogenetic Testing

Mary W Roederer; Marcia Van Riper; John Valgus; George Knafl; Howard McLeod


Personalized Medicine. 2012;9(1):19-27. 

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Future Perspective

With new graduates matriculating from schools of pharmacy in the USA, the pharmacogenetics knowledge is changing. The accrediting body for schools of pharmacy, the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, encourages systematic integration of pharmacogenetics into the education of doctor of pharmacy students alongside other specific drug information.[103] From 2005 to 2010, the schools of pharmacy surveyed improved in the education of pharmacogenetics provided to doctor of pharmacy students (from 39% in 2005 to 89% in 2010).[13,14] The level of didactic, and hopefully experiential education that incorporates principles of pharmacogenetics is likely to grow exponentially. There is a need for all pharmacists to feel comfortable interpreting medication related information that considers pharmacogenetic testing and be adept at relaying that information at the point of patient care.


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