Comparative Effectiveness Research for Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Current Status and Future Directions

Xinglei Shen; Nicholas G Zaorsky; Mark V Mishra; Kathleen A Foley; Terry Hyslop; Sarah Hegarty; Laura T Pizzi; Adam P Dicker; Timothy N Showalter


Future Oncol. 2012;8(1):37-54. 

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CER uses a variety of methods to arrive at optimal treatment decisions for individual patients under usual-care conditions. Given our increasing emphasis on effectiveness rather than sole efficacy, CER will continue to be an important focus in biomedical research. PC, in particular, represents a high-impact site for CER because of its prevalence, diversity of treatment options and potentially high cost of care. Current CER work has provided evidence not available from efficacy studies for RT, but conclusions must be interpreted with caution given the limitations in current studies. Continued improvements and refinement in research tools and the development of integrated data sources will help to improve the reliability of CER studies.


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