Taking Care of Second Cancer Risk

Krista L. Wilkins, PhD, RN; Roberta L. Woodgate, PhD


Cancer Nurs. 2012;35(1):55-62. 

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The findings from this study showed that cancer survivors have definite thoughts about how healthcare professionals and the healthcare system should support them in taking care of their second cancer risk. Cancer survivors expressed the need for healthcare professionals to be honest, informative, respectful, and proactive when delivering lifelong follow-up care. For lifelong follow-up to become a reality for all cancer survivors, infrastructure support for lifelong follow-up and resources to help cancer survivors take care of their risk are needed. A most important finding from this study is that cancer survivors' needs are not being met despite what is known about second cancer risk. Study findings reinforce that more needs to be done in supporting cancer survivors in taking care of second cancer risk.