Nurses Are Talking About: Jobs for New Grads

Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS


December 12, 2011

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Give Us a Chance

It might seem, from reading some of the comments submitted by experienced nurses, that everyone hates new grads.

However, one nursing administrator wrote that she loves new grads and enumerates their advantages. "They can be molded, and they don't have any bad habits." The reason that this manager was so enthusiastic about and sympathetic toward the plight of new grads? Someone gave her a chance as a new grad, so she believes that today's new grads should have the same opportunity.

"I strongly believe in hiring new grads. I am the Director of Nursing at a free-standing dialysis clinic and I have proven to many individuals that new grads make wonderful dialysis nurses. I look back at the start of my career, which was more than 30 years ago. Someone gave me the chance, so why shouldn't I do the same? I just recently hired 4 new grads and all of them are wonderful. If a new grad knows what they would like to specialize in, then they should be given the chance. I say congrats to new grads and I welcome them in my facility."

Another reader had these words of encouragement for new grads who are facing a tough job market:

"I am sorry that you are unable to find a job. Please do not feel that you have no value, because you do. You just have to find the right place that is willing to give you the chance just as someone once did for them."

Conclusion: Plight of the New Grad

"All the jobs in this area require experience and it is not possible to start my career without it. I am considering continuing my education as an alternative until I can get a job. What is my alternative -- flipping burgers or waiting tables after fighting so hard to get into a nursing program, passing with honors, and finding that those promised jobs are not here any longer?"

This comment nicely encapsulates the new grad situation right now. Tight competition for the few jobs available to new grads -- but where to get the experience? Uncertainty about the best course of action -- is it worth going back to school? Everyone says to be patient and persistent, but what if that nursing job never comes?


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