Nurses Are Talking About: Jobs for New Grads

Laura A. Stokowski, RN, MS


December 12, 2011

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Does Uncle Sam Want You?

Some readers remind us that alternatives to traditional employment exist. It might not be for everyone, but those who know say that after completing the training, a job as a military nurse is "just like any other job."

"To new grads who are finding it hard to find a civilian job," wrote a Medscape reader, "if you are 39 years old or younger, you might consider checking out the military as a career starter. The military needs nurses. At least contact a recruiter and ask them about a healthcare career in the military. You will be rewarded with experience far and above what most civilian nurses will ever see."

The branches with nurses are the Army, Air Force, and Navy. According to information supplied by another reader, these services take only bachelor's degree nurses. Furthermore, a reader who has recently spoken with a military recruiter reports that "because of the economy, even the military isn't desperate for new grads, and many currently enlisted nurses are requesting re-enlistment to keep their jobs."


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