What Did Nurses Read Most on Medscape in 2011?

Susan B. Yox, RN, EdD


December 08, 2011

When readers come to Medscape Nurses, what are they most interested in reading? Do your interests jive with those of your colleagues? Starting with number 10, here is our most read content for 2011 in nursing. Join the discussion and let us know if these are your favorites too.

10. The Future of Nursing: An Interview With Susan B. Hassmiller

9. Looking Out for Our New Nurse Grads

You can find more articles like this in our popular Nursing Perspectives series. Topics include ambulatory nursing, nurses and the Affordable Care Act, violence in nursing, and much more.

8. Weight Loss Drugs: What Works?

7. Cultivating Safety in Handoff Communication

6. Have Nurse Practitioners Reached a Tipping Point?

Don’t forget our collection of content, updated regularly, just for nurse practitioners. See Nurse Practitioners here.

5. The Impaired Nurse

4. Predictors of Registered Nurses’ Willingness to Remain in Nursing

3. Celebrating Nurses: What Happened to the Cap?

2. The Downward Spiral: Incivility in Nursing

You may also want to read this follow-up article, Resetting the Civility Conversation.

And the number one most-read article by nurses on Medscape in 2011 was...


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