Top 10 Articles for Urologists in 2011

Christine Wiebe, MA


December 08, 2011

With the large volume of articles published on Medscape each year, it's hard to remember which topics were most popular. Fortunately we can measure the "traffic" to each article so that we can identify the hottest topics. What do you think compelled the greatest numbers of Medscape urologist readers to click on a headline to read the article or watch the video? Can you guess what the number-one article was this past year? Here's our top 10 list:

10. Tadalafil Approved for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

9. Urine Test Stratifies Prostate Cancer Risk

8. FDA: Continuing Safety Concerns With Transvaginal Mesh

7. HIFU for Prostate Cancer: New Study Results Disappointing

6. Is Robotic Surgery Overhyped?

5. Comparison of Urologist Reimbursement for Managing Patients With Low-risk Prostate Cancer by Active Surveillance Versus Total Prostatectomy

4. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients With Erectile Dysfunction

3. FDA Warns of Prostate Cancer Risk With Reductase Inhibitors

2. Chronic Orchialgia: Evaluation and Discussion of Treatment Options

And the #1 most-read article by urologists on Medscape in 2011 was...


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