What Did HIV Clinicians Read on Medscape in 2011?

Susan B. Yox, RN, EdD


December 08, 2011

When HIV specialists come to Medscape HIV/AIDS what are they most interested in reading? Do your interests jive with those of your colleagues? Starting with number 10, here is our most-read content for 2011 in HIV. Let us know if these are your favorites too:

10. Lifelong Antiretroviral Therapy Unsustainable, Experts Say

9. Can We Stop Monitoring CD4 counts Entirely in HIV?

For more commentaries from Paul Sax, see Sax on HIV/AIDS.

8. FDA Approves Once-Daily Rilpivirine for HIV Infection

7. Packaging PrEP to Prevent HIV: An Integrated Framework to Plan for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Implementation in Clinical Practice

6. Once-Daily Triple HIV Drug Receives FDA Approval

5. Levels of Adherence Required for Virologic Suppression among Newer Antiretroviral Medications

4. I'm Struggling to Live on $160,000 a Year: MD Lament

3. HIV and Hepatitis C Co-Infection: Guideline and Commentary

If you would like to see more HIV guidelines, look here: HIV Clinical Guidelines: NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute.

2. Curing HIV?

And the number-one most-read article by HIV clinicians on Medscape in 2011 was...


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