Dental/Oral Health on Medscape: Most-Read Articles in 2011

Susan B. Yox, RN, EdD


December 08, 2011

Just about a year ago, Medscape began to offer content specifically for our dental and oral health colleagues. While much of Medscape's medical content has always been of interest to dentists, hygienists, and other oral health professionals, in 2011 we worked with many authors and on a number of projects designed specifically for dental professionals. A robust collection of news and articles, updated often, was the result. You can find it all at Dentistry and Oral Health.

So did dentists and others come to the site, and what dental content was most popular with readers? The short answer is yes, and this content was very popular with Medscape readers. Here are our top 10 feature articles for 2011. Let us know if these are your favorites too:

10. Managing Periodontal Inflammation in Patients With Diabetes

9. Minimizing Dental Patient Exposure to BPA

8. An Unusual Case of Gingival Hyperpigmentation

7. Composite Restorations: Recreating Nature

6. Anti-Infective Agents in Periodontal Treatment

5. New Techniques for Early Caries Intervention: Two Cases

4. Talking to Patients About Oral Sex Risks

3. MRSA in the Dental Office

2. Treating Periodontitis With Local Antibiotics

And the number-one most-read article by dental health professionals on Medscape in 2011 was...


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