Top 10 Articles for Medical Students in 2011

Christine Wiebe, MA


December 08, 2011

Ever since we launched this group blog written by medical students, The Differential has been the most popular feature on Medscape with medical students. Our other 2 blogs for students routinely round out the top 3 student favorites: The Ink Blot and The Match Game. Other than the blogs, though, which articles were student favorites this past year? Read our "top 10" list to find out:

10. Emergency Medicine: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

9. How Can I Get Enough Sleep During Med School?

8. A 21-Year-Old Man With an Interesting Radiologic Finding

7. Tips for Surviving Medical School

6. Could a Facebook Page Get Me in Trouble?

5. Shopping in Scrubs: OK or Not? Physicians Are Talking

4. Overcompetitive Students

3. New Rules for Resident Hours Called Inadequate

2. Best Hospitals List Dominated by Familiar Names

And the number 1 most-read article by medical students on Medscape in 2011 was...


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