Top 10 Pharmacists Articles: 2011

Laurie Scudder, DNP, NP


December 08, 2011

What topics on Medscape Pharmacists were the biggest attention getters in 2011? Not surprising -- the things that interest pharmacists are as wide-ranging as the profession. From drug safety to legal issues to professional practice concerns -- our readers are interested in all of them. This year's 10 most important articles, as determined by how many of our members chose to read them, are listed below. If you missed these important articles -- please take a minute to learn what your colleagues are learning!

Here are the highlights from the Medscape Top 10 for Pharmacists in 2011:

#10 - Do Relief Pharmacists Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Do employers provide liability protection to per-diem pharmacists?

#9 - Clostridium difficile Treatment -- To Be Continued?
A quick evidence-based review of initial and recurrent treatment.

#8 - Impact of Drug Shortages on U.S. Health Systems
Are drug shortages taking a toll on hospital personnel?

#7 - Is Hookah Harmful?
The safe alternative to cigarettes. Really?

#6 - Brand Name Versus Generic Warfarin
Should monitoring be different after the switch?

#5 - When Can Controlled Substances Be Refilled Early?
Lost, stolen, or forgotten...Are any of these good reasons to refill a hydrocodone prescription early?

#4 - Oops, Sorry, Wrong Patient!
It happens in all locations and situations – even yours.

#3 - Vitamin D Supplementation: An Update
Seems like everyone is talking about vitamin D lately – but just how much is enough?

#2 - Why Do Antihypertensives Cause Cough?
Persistent cough can be challenging for both patients and clinicians.

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