Top 10 in 2011: Most-Read Articles by Public Health Professionals

Janet Kim, MPH


December 08, 2011

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Top 10 in 2011

This is the second annual list of top 10 favorite public health and prevention-related articles on Medscape. We publish a huge array of material on Medscape, including daily news stories, full-text journal articles, expert commentaries, and much more. But each year, certain articles stand out for our members.

Overall, you and your peers read articles that covered a broad expanse of topics, including prevention, ethics, and noncommunicable chronic diseases. The ongoing debate about sodium restriction and cardiovascular health also earned a coveted spot in the top 3.

What compelled the biggest numbers of Medscape public health and prevention professionals to click on a headline and read the article or watch the video? Can you guess what was number 1?

Here are your favorite stories and features in 2011:

10. Changes to Rabies Vaccine Recommendations
What are the important new changes to guidelines for rabies postexposure prophylaxis, and what are the reasons for these changes?

9. Autism and MMR Vaccine Study an 'Elaborate Fraud,' Charges BMJ
The British Medical Journal charges that a small study published in The Lancet that linked measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine to regressive autism was more than just carelessness but actually "an elaborate fraud."

8. The Art of Dying Well
How can bioethicists and clinicians best counsel and prepare the aging population for death?

7. NIH Pulls Plug on AIM-HIGH Trial With Niacin
Why was this trial of extended-release niacin on top of statin therapy in patients with a history of cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, and low levels of HDL cholesterol stopped prematurely?

6. I'm Struggling to Live on $160,000 a Year: MD Lament
What strategies could help boost your income potential and returns on financial rewards in the face of challenging rising costs?

5. Bath Salts: An 'Ivory Wave' Epidemic?
Are you aware of this dangerous and now illegal designer drug?

4. The Tortured Patient: A Medical Dilemma
What are the many ethical dilemmas in cases in which physicians assist in torture? If they help the patient, are they complicit?

3. FDA Restricts Use of Simvastatin 80 mg
What formed the basis for the FDA review and safety communication regarding the prescription of high-dose simvastatin?

2. Cochrane Salt/Blood-Pressure Message Blasted in the Lancet
What's at the center of this controversy about dietary salt that compelled 2 preventive medicine experts to cry foul?

And the most-read article by public health and prevention professionals on Medscape in 2011 was...


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