Patient Participation in Medical and Social Decisions in Alzheimer's Disease

Johannes Hamann, MD; Katharina Bronner; Julia Margull; Rosmarie Mendel, PhD; Janine Diehl-Schmid, MD; Markus Bühner, PhD; Reinhold Klein, MD; Antonius Schneider, MD; Alexander Kurz, MD; Robert Perneczky, MD


J Am Geriatr Soc. 2011;59(11):2045-2052. 

In This Article


The combination of marked participation preferences and impairments in the decisional capacity of individuals with MCI and early AD constitute an ethical and practical challenge to relatives and physicians. Thorough implementation of structured probes of patients' decisional capacity combined with interventions that aid patients in their decision-making capability (e.g., decision aids, summaries of the evidence) might help to overcome some of these challenges.


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